Why Speaking Opportunities?

One of the key skills we have as an agency is helping brands to find opportunities for their senior execs to speak at conferences in the UK and globally. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands in this area, along with many smaller firms and even consultants.

We’ve been preparing an introductory presentation on the value of speaking opportunities for a new client and I wanted to share the slide on ‘Why?’.

In our opinion speaking opportunities:

  • Provide access to highly targeted audiences: both vertical sector and horizontal line of business
  • Enable you to reach interested and captive audiences
  • Create platforms for executive visibility
  • Allow you to demonstrate technical leadership
  • Help to raise brand awareness, manage reputation and drive opinions
  • Provide an easily measured vehicle: audience numbers, speaker feedback, organiser feedback
  • Reach international and domestic audiences
  • Drive delegates to your exhibition stand

So there you have it. Think seriously about building speaking opportunities into your communications mix.

Photo provided by Xtrashot.
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  • http://forexsig.com Danny

    Speaking opportunities can really be beneficial for getting executive visibility and growing your business!

  • http://cure-fromdiabetes.com dease

    Speaking has been around a long time in the business world

  • http://www.abmhouse.com umair

    it is a speaking opportunity to allow us to demonstrate our point of view to other and allow us to gain the job opportunity

  • Anonymous

    speaking opportunities frame platforms for executive visibility. allot you to determine technical leadership.
    go up to national as well as international audiences.

  • http://www.happy-handbags.com steve

    Speech will make people attentive, so that’s the opportunities.

  • http://www.modernequipmenthelp.com/ iqbaal

    I think it certainly would open up doors for other opportunities.

  • http://agiptek.com farhan

    Nice wisdom
    I’ll think seriously about building speaking opportunities into my communications mix.

  • http://chicagoservermanagement.blogspot.com/ Anonymous

    speaking is new paradigm of branding. All the big brand understand power of this.

  • http://chronosmedia.net/ Loren

    I remember reading about this in the four hour work week, I think it certainly would open up doors for other opportunities.