What B2B Marketers Can Learn from the King of Cookies

OreoFor over a century children and adults alike have been repeatedly dunking in milk, nibbling around the edges, and/or methodically and delicately twisting apart the two chocolate wafers that sandwich the sweet cream icing filling, which make up an iconic Oreo cookie.

With the power to stop and cause tears, this best selling cookie has been a staple in countless childhoods. To mark its 100th birthday, Oreo undertook the mission of turning the old yet iconic cookie new and relevant again, by giving the brand a new twist.

Oreo and agency created a strategic marketing campaign known as the “Daily Twist” with the goal of making the brand a vital part of pop culture, the digital world, and everyday conversation. The mandate was simple: 100 pieces of content in 100 days, in honour of the hundredth birthday to be 100% responsive.

Here’s how it worked:

Every morning a team searched for what people were talking about, once concepts were developed the campaign had a full production team ready to execute. Some of the brilliant pieces of content developed included the United States Women’s Artist Gymnastics team who won the second ever gold medal for the United States, and the first gold medal on international soil, in the women’s team competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London portrayed as five golden Oreos, the robot rover known as “Curiosity” landing on Mars, depicted as an open face Oreo with orange icing and tread marks across the filling, Psy’s Gangnam Style dance with legs coming out of an Oreo, and one of the more high profile pieces or content included an Oreo with a stack of rainbow coloured filling to celebrate Gay Pride, not to mention countless more.

Each piece of daily twist’s content was pushed out by 6pm to the brand’s 30million, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter followers as well as archiving it on Oreo’s online hub.
The response was explosive:

–       280% increase in shares on Facebook

–       231 million media impressions

–       433 million views on Facebook

–       Highest brand buzz increase of 2012

“Oreo didn’t just reflect the news, it became the news.”

For b2b marketers, Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign is a case study worth reviewing closely and learning from. Here are three main takeaways we believe will add value and therefore should serve as guiding principles in a marketer’s everyday work.

1.)  Original Content is Key

In order to generate buzz, awareness and ultimately achieve quality engagement, you need to provide original information or content worth talking about but that’s also timely. By taking the time to research topics each morning that were relevant to its target audience, Oreo was able to propel various conversations with a high level of public awareness forward and enhance them at the same time, piggy backing the current trending topics.

This tactic worked beautifully for Oreo, a well known consumer brand, but you can do this too for your b2b brand. An easy way to find hot current topics is to follow relevant hashtags using platforms such as Hootsuite, or monitoring popular news sites such as the BBC. Once you have found a popular story, start thinking creatively about how you can relate to it and build on the story with an original point of view.

2.)  Dare to be Bold

Every b2b marketer is aware of the common pitfalls of trying to please everyone ultimately results in pleasing nobody. Brands must determine their audience, niche and competitive advantage to help distinguish themselves from the competition and then stay true to their brand’s identity to build loyalty and avoid confusion. While this is a must in today’s market, it may not be enough.

Oreo took its brand identity one step further by choosing to support Gay Pride. Although an extremely controversial subject, Oreo took a side on the issue and further identified its brand, which resulted in greater loyalty and brand awareness.

B2b marketers should follow suit and be sure to clearly define brands and stay true to their identity to ensure customer loyalty and avoid confusion.

3.)  Innovate at all Costs

The world is constantly changing, industries are constantly adapting and brands are constantly evolving. If you do not continuously innovate to keep up with the pace of the landscape around you, you will quickly become antiquated and slowly fade into the obsolete. Even an iconic brand like Oreo cannot afford to rest on its century old laurels and took it upon itself to remain current through its Daily Twist campaign.

If Oreo believes in innovation, you as a b2b marketer should too.

Take a look at a video summary of Oreo’s Daily Twist case study below: