Utility Marketing is All About Adding Value

I spoke at a British Dietetics Association event in London this week about utility marketing and blogging…

Alongside me was founder of Engaging People, Mr Bernie Mitchell. Between us we attempted to convince an audience of professional dietitians that they should be blogging.

Well actually we took it a bit broader than that, promoting the idea as a professional you should generally be adding value to your target audience. That’s essentially what utility marketing is all about. Blogging is just one tool, but you could also use all and any online media to support this objective.

We were speaking after a lady called Ann Gates who runs Exercise Works. Ann spoke beautifully about the value of social media and how she is growing her business using twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Ann is a force to be reckoned with and a useful case study for dietitians to follow.

The point about utility marketing is that you should be providing exactly that. A utility for your target audience.

Find out:

> who they are

> what they want / need, and

> the questions they have that relate to your field of expertise

Once you know the answer to these questions, start engaging with them on the platform of their choice. If your audience reads blogs to get information, write a regular blog. If they watch videos, post short clips and YouTube. If they engage with pictures more, curate a Pinterest board. You get the point. Produce something of value to your target audience and you are half way there.

The real secret sauce of course is bringing together all of these resources into a platform of expertise. Something you can be known for, whether that’s a paediatric nutritionalist, or an expert in cloud security topics. Once you have a platform of authority that you own and control, you have a significant marketing opportunity to build on.

If you attended the event (or even if you didn’t attend) and have any questions please add them in the comments below. Bernie and I will do our best to answer them for you.

Thanks again for having us BDA London and for sending us away with a bottle of wine and some divine belgian chocolates. Now that’s what I call a diet.