Tips for Conference Email Marketing

email marketing

Once you’ve produced a well-researched conference programme and have all your speakers and topics in place, it’s time to start the email marketing.

That’s typically the tactic conference companies rely on for building audiences. But how do  you do email marketing well? How do you get those elusive bums on seats and make your event a success?

Obviously you need to tell your target market all about your conference, so writing good conference copy in your email shots is key to enticing delegates to come along. Read our top tips on how to make your sales copy engaging:

Make it succinct

It’s no secret people are very busy and often receive a lot of information about conferences – both to attend, speak at and of course sponsor.

Don’t let your email be the one that needs wading through; simply express the salient points to give readers a feel of what it’s all about and the value to them in attending. Aim for a maximum of 16 words per sentence or your reader will lose interest. It’s also worth mixing up your sentence length, something else that makes text a bit easier on the eye.


Use a friendly, personal tone, and try to write your copy as you would if you were communicating it verbally. A good way to test that you’ve achieved this is by reading your letter out loud. Does it sound like something you would say?

If not, change it – flowery long-winded sentences will not help to sell your event.

Calls to action

Once you’ve written a short paragraph or two setting the scene, move on to a few bulleted points that explain exactly what the attendee will get from the conference. Readers’ eyes may skip straight to this part, so make it strong and make sure it includes your key speakers.  Use call to action phrases like ‘Learn from…’  ‘Discuss…’ ‘Attend to…’.

For example… By attending Klaxon’s conference production and marketing seminar you will learn:

  • how to write effective email marketing copy
  • secrets for getting bums on seats
  • strategies for conference marketing success

And of course, as the whole point of your email is to elicit a response and drive readers to the booking page, make sure you are communicating that particular call to action throughout the piece.

Keep it updated

All too often a key speaker will come on board after the printed agenda has gone out.  Make sure your audience is aware of any key changes as the agenda develops: new speakers, sponsors, anything of value to your target customer. Be regular with your updates throughout the event marketing cycle.

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