Timing is Everything with Email Marketing

It goes without saying that email is one of the most popular customer communication and marketing channels at the moment. Even with the explosion in social media, email is still without a doubt a very important and impactful channel for b2c and b2b marketers.

Consequently there’s a lot of great content in the bloggersphere about how to run great email campaigns. But don’t forget the trusty automated email, particularly those used for customer care. Could anyone at Amex have planned for this…

Amex payment email

Did you spot the error?

Amex planned to take a payment from my card on Christmas Day.  Bah humbug American Express…

  • http://www.nonfaithbased-drugrehab.org/blog/ Anonymous

    Christmas or no Christmas when your due date comes, they will always make it a point that they collect the dues.=)

  • http://www.whatifthemovie.tv/ Spiritual Movies

    I agree with you Sean, but I don’t agree with the last statement you said. There is always a way, you can ask them to go to the website in order to verify or order your products, that way the they will know you are not cheating them. Just my opinion.

  • http://www.vernoncomputersource.com/ Sean Murphy

    You are right! E-mails are a good way of communicating with people, but that is on the personal level. If you try to project your service or advertise a product, people might not just believe it.

  • http://www.godotmedia.com/copywriting Copywriting service

    E-mail can be one of the most popular advertising platform, but the credibility it offers is very less. One can not believe your mail if not written well and if it doesn’t have any links to your site.

  • http://www.cricket2011worldcup.com world cup 2011

    Even we get advanced social networking sites!! email is highly sophisticated in marketing and helping!

  • http://www.deepahosting.com/ Jacksonjain

    Yes,email is the most popular way in marketing or advertisement helping a lot to prompt ones business.But recent mobile marketing one step ahead form email.

  • http://russelldavison.com Russell Davison

    I think that facebook, Twitter and other social networks will take over from Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail and AOL as preferred methods of sending and receiving messages. This is because the spammers have spoiled conventional e-mail routes, whereas messaging in social networks is currentlly spam free, or you have the choice to make it spam free.

  • http://www.share-trader-journey.com stocktrading

    Email will remain the preferred way of communication for years to come by. Because of one simple reason – The communication directly reaches your customer/prospective customer, rather than through an intermediate media.

  • http://www.compsoft.info travis davis

    Yes I feel email marketing is a time of the past, and very well sould be. It’s spam no matter how you say it.

  • http://www.mt2md.com Health

    Yes, It has most popular way for advertisement. But recent mobile marketing one step ahead form email. SMS is very easiest way for costumer interaction for business

  • http://www.accordsoft.in/ria.htm php training in chennai

    email is the most popular way in marketing and helping a lot of businesses nowadays. Even though there are social networking sites

  • http://www.adsfarm.co.uk adsfarm.co.uk

    email is tommorow’s tool of providing a business’s interest…I think that there’s no alternative.

  • http://www.kre8media.com drtv

    I’m sorry to see that your credit-card bill came out on x mas day.
    However, email is the wave of the future.
    Save money for the company, helps the environment, and you get instant access.

  • http://www.cheapsheds.com.au/colorbond-sheds/ colorbond sheds

    Yup, email is the most popular way in marketing and helping a lot of businesses nowadays. Even though there are social networking sites, The email is still the best solution and the best way in marketing channels.

  • http://beautytipsgate.blogspot.com karisma

    i agree with u nowadays email is one of the most popular marketing channels helping alot to prompt ones business

  • http://adiamor.com Sarah Harris

    I think you’re right, email is still a huge part of business communications. I do think it is waning as people connect through so many other mediums. Probably the best way it is used is the automated emails, updates, and notifications for things like bills. I would miss a lot of payments without them!

  • http://www.salestechniquesblog.com/ Marc The Sales Techniques Guy

    The majority of B2B marketers are using email to communicate with existing customers, whether to build relationships or up-sell/cross-sell.