Three Lead Generation Tactics for Tech Marketers

If you are ever stuck for sales leads, here are three classic lead gen tactics you might want to build into your marketing plan. These will attract leads at various stages of the buying cycle and, executed well, will undoubtedly swell the number of leads in your pipeline.

Data Acquisition

  1. purchase a well refined set of data from a list broker and target with a three step campaign
  2. setup a webinar on BrightTalk (or other) all about the latest trends in your area of tech
  3. promote with a direct mail piece (print and email) to drive traffic to the webinar and use email to remind those who register to attend
  4. post webinar, follow up with the attendees via telemarketing to qualify as a sale lead or for lead nurturing


  1. work with eMedia in the UK to run a marketing asset and survey campaign
  2. provide eMedia with a whitepaper on which they will craft a survey to promote to their database
  3. those who complete the survey will be providing you with their contact details and permission to contact them
  4. use their answers to the survey to qualify and target your follow-up

Search Engine Marketing

  1. create a campaign landing page with suitable resources, data capture and traffic monitoring capabilities
  2. run a Payperclick campaign on Google and Microsoft AdCenter (supported by SEO) to push leads to the landing page
  3. focus on promoting assets aligned to your target audience, capturing contact details and opt-ins in exchange for your resources
  4. promote the landing page to your installed base customers where there is opportunity for cross-sell / up-sell

And hey presto, there you have three lead generation tactics to drop into your marketing plan. Particularly useful when you have a sales director banging on your door.

Note however they all require some form of content asset, whether a webinar, whitepaper or some research. You can actually mix and match the content with the tactic, but really identifying and crafting some on-message and on-target content is likely be your first port of call.

  • http://www.site2you.com Eric Lenhard

    Hi Andy! Some very nice tactics here, briefly and clearly. I think I will try them for my new company. Thanks for posting!