This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

See below for this week’s top news stories on B2B marketing as voted for by our followers on Twitter.

1. 5 online video optimisation tips for SEO

Incorporating videos into your marketing strategy is now known to be one of the most effective ways to engage customers and create awareness about a brand. Video creation is no longer a complicated process; today’s technology has made it easy and accessible for everyone to create their own videos. The advantages that come from delivering online videos with great content are far and wide.

However a great video will not bring return if it’s not given the correct visibility on the web. Videos need to be tweaked for SEO. Take a look at this infographic from Smart Insights for tips on how to best optimise your video for SEO and to achieve your objectives.

2. How do you calculate SEO ROI and increase it (like mad)?

Companies are expending thousands each year on search engine optimisation. In fact, bigger firms are expending well over $10,000 a month for a national or international campaign.

Increasingly more and more marketers are realising the return on investment (ROI) of SEO. That’s clear from Forrester’s prediction that more than $103 billion will be spent on digital marketing, including SEO, by 2019. Calculating the ROI of your SEO efforts may not be a walk in the park though. This article looks at the different methods you can employ to calculate your SEO ROI.

3. Ad blocking tech is a growing issue and it’s moving to mobile

Ad blocking software is a key challenge for both marketers and publishers. Most distressing for online players is, the problem is ballooning.

The 2015 Ad Blocking Report by PageFair and Adobe found ad blocking software has cost almost $22 billion in lost ad revenue so far this year. And for publishers, ad blocking software stops more than just offending ads – it blocks tracking cookies that offer first-party insights into website visitors too. This article takes a futurist look into how ad blocking tech is rapidly moving to mobile, causing yet more issues for publishers.

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