This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

See below for this week’s top news stories on B2B marketing as voted for by our followers on Twitter.

1. Is the adtech industry facing slowdown or just consolidation?

The growth of the adtech industry has been huge, but the news that the last quarter of 2015 saw a slowdown in hiring by adtech firms as firms looked to save cash, according to LinkedIn data analysed by Pivotal Data, suggested that growth could be coming to an end in its current form.

2. 69% of digital & tech managers argue soft skills are overlooked

Digital and tech managers believe the industry is suffering due to an over-focus on hard skills, according to research by The Candidate.

The study revealed 57% of digital and tech managers feel there is too much focus on hard skills, while a further 69% argue soft skills are often overlooked compared to the hard skills required for technical roles.

3. Issues gripping the digital ad industry: viewability, ad blocking and ad fraud

Brands are continuing to waste billions of pounds on digital ads that consumers never see despite repeated warnings over the prevalence of ad fraud.

It is time for marketers to step up and ensure they understand the issue and have procedures in place to deal with it or be more realistic about the efficacy of digital advertising.

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