This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

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1. How to Simplify Google Analytics Reporting

Does looking at all your Google Analytics data make your head hurt?

Although Google Analytics is very useful it often includes a hell of a lot of information. Whenever you talk to anyone about Analytics, they always feel they should be doing more in this area and so Google engineers keep on adding functionality. So, although it gets more useful, it can also get more complex with regular, new functionality that you need to figure out.

But sometimes less is more!

2. Marketing risks becoming mechanistic without imaginative ideas to animate it

Over recent years the marketing and communications community has raced to build a new marketing model for the digital age; a model that is more connected, more agile whilst at the same time also less wasteful; a model that transforms the way we market brands to consumers.

The industry has made real progress and the opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness seem limitless. But the model should not become an end in itself.

Once we’ve built the perfect marketing machine, we’ll still need ideas to animate it; and ideas will remain largely intangible, irrational and irregular. We still need to plan for the ghost in the machine.

3. Why Time Out isn’t scared to share data with Facebook 

Facebook has made many publishers unnervy with a flurry of products that suggest it wants to snare traffic from their sites, but for Time Out the social network is a chance to better understand the value of data.

Defining the global publisher by site traffic is “very limiting”, said Time Out’s campaign marketing manager, Fern Atkinson. “We’re a lot more broader and expansive than that”, a dictum it has adopted to keep up with the Buzzfeeds of the world that believe they need to be everywhere their audience is rather than trying to pull them into channels they don’t want to be in.

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