This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

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1. What makes video content marketing great? Follow these key principles.

Content marketing can be a jewel in a campaign’s crown, but if it’s too obviously ‘branded content’, consumers will spot it a mile off and tune out much like they do with regular advertising. By throwing another platform into the equation, such as video, it’s simply not good enough to assume the platform you’re using is the differentiator, and just repeat the same content.

“The video media landscape is more sophisticated than ever, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine revolutionising rich content discovery,” a paper from Cedar Consult argues. “The time has come for branded video to raise its game.”

2. How important are digital skills today?

Digital marketing requires a huge breadth of skills, with some marketers specialising in key areas such as SEO, content marketing or Paid Search. Many however are generalists, who have a wide set of skills. This can be highly useful, but it is also tricky to keep all these skills up to date. Some 5 million people globally work in digital marketing, and as the industry rapidly grows a skills gap is developing.

3. Great marketing relies on a strong brand proposition

You can’t amplify something that isn’t there. Good marketing plays an important role in motivating sales and consumer love, by expressing what a brand stands for. But it can have a powerful multiplier effect if the core idea around the brand, e.g. its proposition, is strong, genuine and meaningful to the target audience. Let’s take a look at the world’s most valuable brands to define, for the first time, what’s driven those that have grown their value fastest.

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