This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

See below for this week’s top news stories on B2B marketing as voted for by our followers on Twitter.

1. Content marketers beware: Smartphone dominance for internet browsing is challenged

Tablet, smart TV and smartwatches are expected to eat into the dominance of mobile phones for internet browsing over the course of the next year. What will this mean? That content marketing strategies need to continue to adapt to each device.

Whilst mobile phones still dominate internet browsing amongst consumers – with 83% using the medium – the figure is down on 2014 when 86% of global users were using mobiles for internet browsing.

2. How many marketers are actively using email marketing automation?

The Email Marketing Industry Census 2015 from Econsultancy and Adestra shows a slight improvement in Email marketing automation and overall it seems that there are many enthusiastic adopters of Email Marketing Automation.

43% of email marketers agreed they have advanced marketing automated/email messaging functions and 2/3 of the respondents are using’ subscription or sign-up to website’ emails.

But when you look at the type of automated emails used a different story is told. Although there are steady year-on-year improvements across most types, the rates of adoption are still eye-openingly low.

3. How CPQ And CRM Software Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

Most companies try to make do with a single enterprise application such as an ERP system to run the entirety of their business. However, configure, price, quote (CPQ) applications and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help to make your business more effective. Why? Due to the additional dimensions of insight and functionality that they bring.

According to a recent Forbes article, CPQ and lead management will be the two hottest technology areas for sales in 2015.

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