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1. A New Visualisation of Today’s Marketing Technology Solutions 

When you’re looking for a tool, software, or piece of technology to solve a specific marketing problem, where do you go to find it?

Typically, marketers turn to colleagues and/or analyst reports to figure out what best fits their needs. The problem? The feedback is scattered, in fact it’s spread across 15 different emails in your inbox, or across 20 tweet replies from people of varied reputability. Historically, the only place to go to get an overview of the marketing technology landscape has been Scott Brinker’s supergraphic, which gets updated every year to highlight new companies and, more importantly, show how quickly the industry is growing.

The problem with this model? It looks at marketing technology from a technology perspective, not a marketing perspective.

2. Why Experiential Marketing is no Longer the Poor Relation in the Marketing Mix

Experiential has come a long way from the sample driven add-on it once represented, it’s become a key player within brands marketing communications and this growth looks set to continue with Pearlfinders Gobal Index 2015 report indicating a 54 per cent increase in experiential activations in 2014 with further growth planned this year.

Part of this can be explained by the fact that our lives have become more and more linked to a screen, live experiences have been elevated to a higher importance with human contact and shared experiences which we then share on our many screens become engrained into everyday life.

3. Ten Social Media Trends That Will Shape Marketing Over the Next Decade

To remain relevant, marketers must embrace their inner digital geek and look beyond their geographical borders. It’s 2015 and brands have figured out how to best use social media for business. The last decade was filled with trial-and-error attempts to succeed as the operating environment evolved.

However, the same trends that created this environment have continued to develop and unless brands adapt, their efforts at digital engagement will be washed down a drain. Marketers must update their strategies for social media.

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