Techmap Podcast #7 – Getting your Content Seen

In this episode of the Techmap podcast, I talk with Will Nicholson and Nigel Foote from content agency TVN.

Will spoke at a Techmap meetup recently about how to make sure your content is seen and is effective. His agency uses biometric research techniques such as eye tracking and facial coding studies to make sure the content they produce for clients, hits the spot.

In an age when we are literally swamped in content – text, image video, or audio – you need something more than simply great creative to extract the maximum value from each piece. Will and Nigel use biometric studies in the creative process to test concepts, then with pre-testing to tweak the content and then for measurement post execution. In my opinion it fits very well with digital marketing, where we are afforded the luxury of being able to continually test and refine campaigns during execution.

I hope you enjoy the show:

You can find out more about Will and Nigel and their content marketing and biometric services here.