Should training be in my marketing plan?

When you run a small business you pretty much have to become a jack of all trades. You are the HR manager, the PR guru, the product expert, the guy in the post room, the sales manager and so on. This is great for variety, but unfortunately you will have to come to terms with the fact that it’s unlikely you’ll be good at everything.

For example, if you run a computer company you’ll know your motherboard from your RAM and your hard disk from your CD-Rom. But you may not know the difference between your sales funnel and your buying roles, or your MBO and appraisal scheme.

So what can you do about this? Well, if you’re a micro business, one of the best things you can do is some personal development. Depending on your budget, you might like to attend a course, or buy a book that details the latest thinking or concepts. If you’re slightly larger, you could appoint a consultant to manage some of the more specialised roles. Obviously for the larger still you could take on a new employee, budget permitting.

But should this form part of your marketing plan? Well, to my mind, staff development is as valid a marketing campaign as advertising. People are one of the four Ps of marketing (or seven Ps of services marketing). The better trained you or your staff are, the better you will be able to service your customers needs and get those all important sales. For employees, training is a great way to increase motivation, generate commitment and improve performance.

Good marketing needs good people. Therefore training should certainly be an element of your multilevel marketing plan.

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    yes training is really good for you and your business. you can also train new hired peoples in the business and give them low salary because you are training them and give them more work so that they will improve more quickly and also will give you benefit in business.

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    It all comes down to cost vs benefit analysis and also one should keep in mind that if training is provided employees feel more important and stay loyal to the company.

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    i think that if everybody should be train for marketing because it is the globalization era.

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    I think that it’s important to be, as you say, “a jack of all trades” when you’re in a small business. But if, for whatever reason, you can’t commit to all of the parts required, it would likely be in your best interest to either train someone in your company or to hire someone with those necessary skills.

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    I think that in the very end, outsourcing is the way to go, especially if you have the money to do it. It is certainly worth it if the resources are available.

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    As a student of BBA marketing I think training must remain in your marketing plan in order to make the more efficient.

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    It is important that training is part of your marketing strategy. When you have undergo a training it will be easy for you to come up with an idea to gain customers especially it times like your original plan seems not working out, having a training could actually help you focus more on meeting the goals than dwelling on the hardship and obstacles.

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    Marketing is like blood of business. It is necessary to keep your business alive. A businessman has got the knowledge of all things and know their weak points. On the same time he/she must keep on polish their skills. So they can choose accordingly. Many new things are being invented so must be taken care off. It is great post on refreshing the need of marketing. thanks

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    Its certainly not good to have too many “hats” on. It can lead to stress and other illnesses. Focus on the things you are best at and leave the rest to others in one way or another.

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    Sometimes forcing yourself into a Jack-of-all trades situation is a good thing. This way you are inclined to learn and pick up new methods.

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    Marketing is everything. Having a business should have a strategy and one of which is marketing.

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    For the sake of staff development and taking youre company to the next level training is key. The biggere salaries are then covered by the upturn in business created by the trained staff. Its a win win situation for all those concerned.

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    a knowledge of your resources is requisite for sure. Best regards from argentina

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    I’m going to go with Andy here and say I hate to be trite, but isn’t this true in any profession? Obviously, it would benefit the company to have employees who are knowledgeable and well trained. As an employee myself (not an employer) I think good training is essential. I’ve had jobs where they haven’t trained me well and the time lost-on their dime, no less-due to my lack of clarity regarding my job, was great.

    Just my two cents from the other side.


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    You are right, trainings are really important to all big and small business, not only that it can help you deal with customers but because different kind of trainings can help us and the business cope up with the changes.

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    i could appoint a consultant to manage some of the more specialised roles. Obviously for the larger still you could take on a new employee, budget permitting.

  • Andy Bargery

    Hi Sadler, yes I agree, you need a marketing plan specifically for your business. Some companies may rely more heavily on the skills of their people and therefore will need their people to be better trained.

    Hi Matt, yes I agree, it is likely you will pay more for better skilled people, but then perhaps you can offer a higher quality of service / product and therefore you can charge a higher price.

    I once worked for a marketing agency who had a strategic goal to ensure they had an unfair share of people talent in their target markets. Good people resulted in good results – pretty simple strategy for a services business as people are the product, but the same rules could apply to businesses selling goods too.

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    That’s right but trained and experienced people demand bigger salaries than those not trained. So, you need to evaluate all costs first.

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    For any type of decisive success, a knowledge of your resources and proper implementation thereof is requisite.

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    That really depends on what business you are going to start. If you think about strategy, many business until now are stronger much better with or without the drop on economy. So if you’re trying to open a new business, you should think wisely.

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    I agree with you that training is essential in order to have quality service to your costumers in any business. .and also a good manager who can handle a business and runs it smoothly. If you have undergone some training, you will be confident and skilled enough to market your products.