Researching the Implicit Memory and it’s Impact on Advertising

Are you responsible for advertising either in a b2c or b2b environment? If you answered yes, then read on.

We’ve been working with Warc (publishers of Admap) to develop the 11th Annual Advertising Research conference called ‘Get to the Truth: Researching the Implicit Memory’, running on September 25th in London.

Advertising Research conference

It’s all about how to create advertising campaigns that affect the way your audience thinks and feels as well as what hey say and do. 

So what does that mean?

Measuring the effectiveness of a message is one of the fundamentals of advertising research. Researchers are beginning to use indirect measures of memory as a growing body of evidence suggests that the unconscious plays an important role in determining one’s actions, attitudes and behaviours.

This conference features a line up of research professionals and brand case studies exploring the latest research methodologies that analyse the implicit memory: neuroscience, behavioural observation, qualitative research, online and mobile. It addresses how to take a multi-disciplinary approach by blending different research practices to really get under the skin of your audience.

Case studies include 02, Heineken, eBay, Heinz, Danone and AOL. There will also be expert researchers from decode, Conquest, Ipsos, Northstar, Face and Firefly to name but a few.

It’s a packed agenda.

If you work in advertising and have any interest in making sure your latest campaign achieves the best possible result, this is the place to be.

You can find out more and book tickets here.