Is Programmatic the Future of Advertising?

techmapAs we gear up the next techmap event, I’ve become captivated by programmatic advertising.

I can’t help but read every piece of content that will help me to answer the question of whether programmatic is the future of advertising? After all, if it’s going to be a good event, I want to make sure our panellists answer all the right questions.

For those of you completely new to programmatic advertising, this is without a doubt a subject you will want to learn more about.

Rapid advances in digital technologies have revolutionised the world of marketing and communications – you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see how the marketing world is changing. Where once there was a clear divide between paid, earned and owned, now they are frequently all glued together in a digital world, with the promise of ever-greater returns.

Marketing was once the domain of mad men, but it is being overrun by a new digital landscape owned by the “math men” of tomorrow.

There’s no greater example of this than with programmatic advertising. Historically ad buying has been dominated by sales relationships, business entertaining and – in some cases still – with orders placed by fax. Now complicated digital exchanges are selling online media inventory (and in the case of Time Inc in print too) in real time, targeted to a specific individuals characteristics and their browsing habits. It’s a brave, complex and extremely fast paced world.

Look under the hood and you will find yourself in a world of acronyms; DSP, SSP, RTB etc. but don’t let these confuse you; it’s really not as confusing as it appears.

What’s particularly interesting is a general lack of understanding we’ve found during our research for this event. There’s a real knowledge gap, especially for those who have grown up with broadcast, print and OOH media as the primary platforms. The new breed of digital first marketers are often much more at home with programmatic.

For media planning / buying professionals the event is a real opportunity to get up to date in one sitting. Our guest speakers will be covering the subject from three angles:

  1. Media owner – Andy Bush from Time Inc will be looking at programmatic from the media’s point of view, covering the essentials of what, when, how and why.
  1. Brand owner – Gawain Owen from Nestle will be looking at the challenges and opportunities for inhouse marketers of taking on programmatic buying.
  1. Tech provider – Jack Rutter from TubeMogul will be looking at programmatic from a technology providers perspective.

For in-house marketers it’s a real chance to think about how you can squeeze some extra performance and value from your budgets, while learning what some of the potential dangers are too.

We plan to make techmap a real source of value for the marketing community. I hope you will consider joining us for this next event on programmatic advertising, or at some point in the future. Our event calendar looks like this:

  • Overcoming Content Shock, Monday 27th April, London
  • Is Data the Holy Grail for Marketers, Monday 18th May, London
  • ROI’s Secret Sauce, Monday 29th June, London
  • CRM and the Promise of Automation, 14th September, London
  • Paid, Earned, Owned – Who Really Cares?, 18th October, London
  • Can Marketers Get to Grips with the Human Condition, 30th Nov, London

I hope to see you on the 16th March for what is going to be a fascinating conversation and debate.

Is programmatic the future of advertising? We are about to find out.