Pinterest Advertising for B2B Marketers

I’ve previously written and spoken about the use of Pinterest for B2B Marketers.

In fact we have a presentation slide deck on the subject you can download here. We think there is a case for B2B marketers to use Pinterest, assuming you have the right campaign objectives in mind.

If you are unsure, run through this checklist first. Answer yes to all and you could build a case for adding Pinterest to your social media mix:

> Is there a social media policy in place?
> Is your audience on Pinterest?
> Have you defined a content marketing plan?
> Are there appropriate image assets created, bought or identified?
> Do you have resource & authority to execute on another social channel?
> Can you track & measure the impact?
> Have you defined objectives / goal paths post click?

I was interested to see the announcement last week that Pinterest will “start experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses”. See the full announcement email below.

It might soon be an option for you to add Pinterest to your advertising mix too.

pinterest for b2b marketing