Marketing Planning Workshop at TAGTribe’s SME2.0

On Wednesday we delivered a marketing planning workshop at TAGTribe’s SME 2.0 meeting. Working with Phil Szomsor from Citigate Dewe Rogerson we planned the session around Able Power, a London based energy brokerage firm which has spent the last 18 months proving it’s business model and is now looking for growth.

Kudos to Darren Jones from Able Power for opening up his business as a live case study. We hope you get a lot from the exercise.

The idea behind the session was to do something different i.e. not a pure play slide deck presentation, but where the whole TAG community would get something of value. I hope we have achieved this and certainly some of the feedback so far suggests it was a good exercise.

Just in case I need to reiterate the benefits of planning your marketing rather than picking ad-hoc opportunities – aside from avoiding the headless chicken trap – they include:

  • Easier to manage the performance of your marketing
  • Focus on tactics that are driving a return on investment
  • Better control of your budgets, or helping you to set a budget in the first instance
  • Reduce your costs (and increase profits)
  • Maintain sanity!

Anyway, enough of the waffle, here are the slides from the night as many of you requested.

  • http://www.printbindaas.com Visiting Card Design

    The SOSTAC explanation is Great and the best line is “Focusing on tactics that are driving return on investment” :)

  • http://www.compassvanlines.com Austin Movers

    I Liked the SOSTAC model a lot:)

  • http://www.phonereviewsblog.com jacque smith

    This is brilliant. It will be highly appreciated if i could have a copy of this presentation.

  • http://www.morethemerrier.com.au Peter

    Marketing planning is Focus on tactics that are driving a return on investment is great.