London Bloggers Meetup Talks Monetisation

Last night saw the latest edition of our London Bloggers Meetup taking place in Charing Cross. We had approximately 50 bloggers join us for an interesting talk about monetisation.

Tips and tricks of the trade were revealed by our speaking panel, and a jam-packed Q&A session led the evening’s conversation from recommended affiliate networks to strategies to implement when recycling content.

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Thanks to Olaf, Mena, Tom and Matt for the talk and for fielding questions for over 40 minutes! Below is a brief snippet of what was covered during the Q&A session.

1. Which affiliate networks would you recommend?

Mena: Commission Junction, ShareASale, Affiliate Window (they charge a $5 fee, but you get that back with your first commission payment – they have some awesome brands for people with retail blogs, so well worth joining), LinkShare and Amazon (with Amazon there are 11 different programs, each one is for a specific geographical location. I recommend people join the .com, .co.uk and .ca programs, but it depends where your traffic is coming from.

2. Which SEO and content-marketing tools would you recommend?

Olaf: Linkbird and SISTRIX

3. How much would you budget for SEO?

Olaf: Zero. You can find free online courses and teach yourself the basics, or use templates and plugins to optimise your content for SEO. I would highly advise you to incentivise; make good content which readers want to share and this will enhance your SEO rankings.

4. Would you recommend paying a developer if you are a start-up blogger?

Mena: Creating a blog is really quite easy and a developer is not necessary. I certainly didn’t pay for one to build my site. Try something like StudioPress if you are just starting out.

Matt: I didn’t pay for a developer and I still wouldn’t pay for one. Try to build links first and then attempt the monetisation process.

Tom: No. I highly recommend using a variety of words and pictures to engage your audience; then place a banner ad at the top of your site. This will be sufficient to start with and will create a starting point for you to build from.

Olaf: No, this is unnecessary. You should consider the following strategy,

1. Invest first in content

2. Watch conversions start to form

3. Pay someone who is specialised in conversion optimisation

4. Start the monetisation process

Overall a really interesting night with some great bloggers in attendance. It was brilliant to meet such a mixture of people, blogging about such different things. We look forward to the next London Bloggers Meetup!

If you are a blogger and would like to know more, visit the London Bloggers Meetup page.

  • http://blog.linkbird.com/en/ Stefanie Isabel Kobsa

    Thanks very much, Olaf, for mentioning the linkbird tool. ;-) In fact, my colleague Karan Sharma recently published an article on successful blogger outreach and content seeding. This could be interesting for you. Here’s the article if you want to check it out: http://blog.linkbird.com/en/content-marketing/tips-for-successful-blogger-outreach-content-seeding/

  • http://www.africancapitalmarketsnews.com/ Tom Minney

    Great write-up, thank-you, saves me trying to decipher my notes! It was a great range of speakers, each very expert and with different experience, and all of them very authentic, open and inspiring, answering questions carefully. Congrats to the organizers and all the speakers on excellent panel.

    • http://www.klaxonmarketing.co.uk/blog Andy Bargery

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the feedback. I couldn’t agree more on how great our panellists were, each sharing an honest and informed opinion on the subject and from a different point of view. We got it right this time around.