Limited Companies – Are Your Email and Websites Compliant?

The First Company Law Amendment Directive – a European law being incorporated into UK law – means that as a limited company you are now required to display more information on your website and company emails. Those who don’t comply risk being fined.

So what do you have to do I hear you ask? As of the 1st January 2007, you are required to include the following in all business emails:

  • company registration number,
  • place of registration (e.g. Registered in England and Wales)
  • the registered office address.

On the website you are required to include:

  • The name, postal address and email address of the website’s service provider.
  • The name of any trade body or professional associations the business is part of, including membership or registration details.
  • Your VAT number, even if the website is not being used for e-commerce transactions.
  • Any prices on the website must clearly state whether they are inclusive or exclusive of tax and delivery costs.

For more information check out this very useful legal resource:


Make sure you don’t find out the hard way by getting fined!