Latest Reader Poll

If you’ve been here before you’ll know I always have a reader poll running on the right hand sidebar. Please feel free to spend 10 seconds taking part, you never know you might actually find the results quite interesting.

Today I’ve closed down the last poll for analysis and replaced it with another. The question is simply:

What blogging platform do you use?

As you will no doubt be aware there are a huge variety available, but which one is the best. I’m hoping this poll will start a conversation to find that out, but also more importantly a further discussion about which is the best platform for making money online.

Your help is as ever much appreciated!

  • http://X111.com XIII

    Too much noise, not enough signal. Luckily I started long ago and have built up my own crowd over the years. There are too many blog for money sites out there, covered with more ads than content. But hey, good luck to everyone, I’m still in it for the fun more than the profit.
    As for the topic, I do think WordPress is the best platform for making money online, simply because it’s good to go out of the box and so easy to tweak.

  • http://www.marketingblagger.com Andy

    Hi there XIII, looks like you are the first after me and thanks for voting. I guess you’re right about clarifying the WordPress.org / .com thing which is now rectified – see what you think.

    I’m hoping it’s not a “low traffic problem”. The stats at least haven’t been too bad recently. Still, you can only try to add a little value in this overcrowded blogosphere of ours…

  • http://X111.com XIII

    Hmm, not a lot of votes thusfar, in fact it looks like I’m the first after you.
    Maybe you need to clarify that wordpress.org is the one to vote for if you run your own WordPress? (either that or you really have a low traffic problem)