Latest Reader Poll Results

I’ve been so busy recently I clean forgot to wrap-up the most recent Reader Poll. So anyway, here goes. I asked:

Which of the following marketing methods have you found most useful for growing your small business?

From the long list of options provided, the two most popular answer by far were Websites and Networking.

I can only image those that have a website which promotes networking are on to a good thing. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo all seem to be doing pretty well I guess…

For the rest of us, it clearly indicates a need to get our online shop front in order. Whether it’s a static website, an e-shop, blog, vlog or other, it’s too important not to get this right. As far as networking goes it’s simple, get good or go home.

For the next reader poll, I would like you all to tell me:

Should PR companies approach bloggers differently to journalists?

Don’t know

Please answer on the poll in the far right hand side of the blog —>

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    I am looking for the marketing methods which is most useful for growing my small business.

  • http://www.trevormauch.com Oregon Internet Marketing Consultant

    Hmmm… I think PR consultants really should approach traditional media and bloggers w/ the same psychology and approach… but the main difference is that w/ bloggers… there are a lot more options out there for PR to connect w/… so they don’t have to put all of their eggs in one basket.

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    Yeah, I agree with you. Website is a great way to begin your marketing company.

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    interesting articles. Congratulation on the readers poll. That is some achievement. Post more tips on this will you. Thanks

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    i think the crowd said it all,75% is a large percentage…PRs need to take a different approach to bloggers than to journalist. It’s look interesting!

  • http://www.marketingblagger.com Andy Bargery

    Overall it seems most people agree that PRs need to take a different approach to bloggers than to journalists then. Great, now to create some guidelines to help with that..


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    Here reader’s poll is talked about which is now days a hyped topic .This shows how people of different views vote for a similar question. This shows similarity between different people.

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    This is the rigth way to know what people thing & necessary to include there opinion in this. I fully agree with the desicion & online & offline methods

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  • http://davesplace.bloggerunleashed.com/business/pierre-omidyar-solar-thermal-energy-investor/ Pierre Omidyar

    I voted that the approach should be different. Blogging is a completely different, much less rigorous (in general), and much more interactive medium.

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    Nah…this answer should be very clear. definately NO!

  • http://www.batterytex.com Batterytex

    Yes, the approach should be very different, because a blog is different from a newspaper – in every way – the language used, the focus of the content and the objectives. Bloggers should be approached more conversationally and more casually but of course not without the respect and ethics that come with approaching journalists.

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    I agree with the websites and networking. It seems to be the best way to get to the largest audience as fast as you can. It is simply an amazing tool.

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    Here reader’s poll is talked about which in itself a pretty interesting topic. It is very much encouraging to see poll result in which opinion of many people are mixed

  • http://www.kingconan.org Bill G

    I would say yes. But who knows what direction it will go. They are a far different type of animal.

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    I would say yes. Bloggers are far from journalists. In my opinion, blogger will have more influence and will offer more trust because there is a core of his readers who are with him for a long time. Journalists can rarely get so close to so many people as bloggers, so I guess the approach would be different to.

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    I would vote for No

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    I just voted in your poll on how bloggers should be approached, like a reporter or differently (I’m in the 25percent who don’t know).
    I can only be honest I don’t know, butj I do like reading our blog.

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    Thanks for posting such an interesting topic. These methods would most certainly help with marketing.

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    The blog is the king of marketing for us. Whether it’s on site or off. Well, written content on your blogs gains trust and links. Well, written comments on other blogs do the same thing.

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    Brilliant result that show out! this 2 method really do the best thing on marketing!

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    I am looking for the marketing methods which is most useful for growing my small business.

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    i agree
    internet now is the prior leading marketing

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    With everything is online right now these two methods is the best way of marketing. Thanks for discuss about this matter.

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    The polls listed all the major methods and I’m agree with the results which are Websites and Networking.With everything is online right now these two methods is the best way of marketing. Thanks for discuss about this matter.

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    I also agree with Websites and Networking are quiet an effective way to promote a small business.

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    I am interested to know the results skewed for small business owners. Thanks for discuss about this matter.

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    What do you mean need a better way to monetize the blog?Hope can post a new topic on upcoming entry.

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    Simple yet filled with important information that needed. The polls listed all the major methods and I’m agree with the results which are Websites and Networking.With everything is online right now these two methods is the best way of marketing.

  • http://zohaisx.com/ zohai

    Using social sites as link exchanging is a little extreme I think. Websites that you exchange comments with would be a better choice IMO.

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    Ok, this is one worth asking and answering poll. It is good to have a poll to know what people think.

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    I agree, it is really great to see both the online and offline efforts.

  • http://www.reallypractical.com mark nagurski

    It’s encouraging from the poll results to see people mixing a little online and offline marketing action.

    I would be interested to find out though, how those results skewed for small business owners who are less tech savvy. My experience with clients tends to suggest that a lot of small businesses tend not to look any further than their ads in the local paper.

    By the same logic, even online business owners need to include a bit of face-to-face as part of an overall approach – and for me networking is one of the most valuable.

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    Interesting poll results. I totally agree with the crowd – bloggers need a better way to monetize their sites! Great content available but no revenue for bloggers.