June Reader Poll Results

The latest reader poll has just come to an end and with some interesting results. I asked my readers the question:

Should PR companies approach bloggers differently to journalists?

And the answer, most definitely yes.

73% of voters agreed that bloggers need to be treated differently. Of the remaining, 18% didn’t know and 9% were happy with traditional methods.

For me this is fairly conclusive: bloggers want to be treated differently, something both PR agents and others who want to influence bloggers should bear in mind.

Ok so for this next month I’m asking:

Which of the following direct sales tactics are most effective:

Email shots
Direct mail
Face to face

Please answer in the poll on the right hand sidebar now.

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    My vote will be forward to your mail surely.Face to face approach is different from other site and it will very useful in future.see am voting now watch it soon.

  • http://www.leadsexplorer.com Engago Team

    What is the best depends on your business and the products or services you sell.
    If you sell low cost low margin goods to companies you are very near to consumer business thus face to face meetings are too expensive: online sales could just work for you.

    If you sell one off goods or investment goods then you need face to face.

    In between: that’s where it is difficult to define and probably a combination is the best solution:
    – getting attention by your website
    – contact these website visitors as you know their company name for setting an appointment
    – getting to sell in a face to face meeting.

  • http://www.voipphoneworld.com Keith Gill

    I think e-mail is the best thing is that we can do business apart from our country.
    Facetoface will not be a good idea to meet people who are some miles away from us.

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    Face to face is really an idea, which will be a revolution for the future.

  • http://unitedfirstfinancial.com/Default.aspx?tabid=117 money merge account

    i would say either direct mail or email since they require the least amount of direct labor. Those methods will oviously have the lowest conversion rate but will be the cheapest way to reach the most people.

  • http://www.flirtylingerie.com/fulfigflir.html Breezy

    Face to Face is the best, most direct and most expensive method and why it is not possible unless you have a huge salesforce with large capital. It is getting rarer and rarer to see people face to face and suggest it will only become less frequent.

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    Ya me too I started in tele sales booking appointments for mortgae brokers.

  • dave

    I also prefer face to face.
    More direct is richer in form.

    home based travel agent

  • http://www.cashjuke.com make money online

    Treating all the people can’t be the same if anyone even try to do.

  • http://www.lightingsupply.com/ Commercial Lighting Guy

    I agree…bloggers are high sot after!

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    My opinion is also to treat the bloggers differently than other peoples.

  • http://www.getyourpromotionalproducts.com/ Logo Items

    Yeah i have to go with the rest of the people bloggers should be treated differently

  • http://manyo3.wordpress.com/ Eric

    The conversion rate of face to face is by far the highest, but the ability to get face to face has always been the problem.

    This is why it makes sense to have a well balanced marketing approach, using multiple approaches.

  • http://belajarseolearn.blogspot.com/ Halim – Belajar SEO

    Face to face only, other I’m not sure whether somebody will pay attention to it.

  • http://www.gcsaustralia.com Credit insurance Australia

    I think e-mailing will make more advantages. Because people who are some miles away from us , we can not go there and sell things facetoface,
    So what I feel is that E-mails will let us to get more people connected…

  • http://www.gcsaustralia.com Credit insurance Australia

    My vote will be for E-mail, Why I think e-mail is the best thing is that we can do business apart from our country.
    Facetoface will not be a good idea to meet people who are some miles away from us.

    Keep voting….

  • http://www.icons-land.com custom icons

    I think Face-to-face will work more than any other like direct mail, E-mail or Telesales…
    Surely my vote will be for Facetoface….
    Thanks for this survey

  • http://www.kango.com/things_to_do/sacramento_ca_vacations_195409774.html UptakeInOH

    Face-to-face. I immediately delete junk email without even reading it any more. I’m off to vote now!

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    Wow, a nice survey with digestive conclusion. I am looking forward to read such fruitful post from you.

  • http://www.investigation-system.com Investigation system

    Yes I think this is going to be very interesting.
    As I consider that Direct mail-we are not sure about this.
    Telesales – little bit
    Facetoface – chance for 75%
    E-mail shots – 10% would be a great thing..

    Start polling…

  • http://www.TotalHeatControl.com Air Conditioner King

    I do agree with your poll results.

    I guess, face to face is still more effective because you will have a direct contact with your customers.

  • http://unitedfirstfinancial.com/Default.aspx?tabid=117 money merge account

    defintely face to face is the most effective… people are afraid to say ‘no’ to people they are actually talking to. i know thats the case with me.. thats why i always try to avoid people i know that get paid on commission.

  • http://www.tcc5.com Go Public

    I don’t talk to telesales people or machine, but I like emails and junk mail, I always read everything. Also, about the personal interaction, I like the face to face situation, if the sales person knows his or her job.

  • http://www.fotobuch.im Photobuch

    I am definitely going to vote for Face to Face I think its the best amongst the other three in many ways.OK I am voting now!

  • http://www.unlimitedcomplimentaryringtones.com Ringtones

    Yes, they should approach them differently. Vote people! :D

  • http://www.jp-financial.co.uk/ Mortgage Broker

    Telesales all the way, Direct mail straight in the bin, emails straight to spam. Face to face only after the tele sales guy booked the appointment so that you can sit face to face and blow a solid deal booked by the tele sale guy. I started in tele sales booking appointments for mortgae brokers.

  • http://www.freemariogames.info Mario

    With the right person, face-to-face is by far the best method. Time to vote in the poll!