Inspirational Speakers and Speeches: Sir Ken Robinson

We do a lot of work helping our clients to get up and speak at conferences. We believe it’s a powerful way to help get your message across, whether it’s a marketing message, or a cause or charity story.

The trouble is, speaking at conferences is no mean feit. Well, not to do really well in any case. Public speaking is challenging and the impact of your presentation will be impacted by your ability to deliver a good talk. Can you tell a story, with real impact?

We’ll be sharing on here examples of great speakers (whatever the subject) for your inspiration. When you agree to do a speaking gig, think about not only the message you want to get across, but the performance you will give.

Just enjoyed Sir Ken’s TED talk? What did he do well?

Watch it again and think about:

  • his use of humour
  • how he emphasised messages with tone of voice
  • how he used pauses in his presentation
  • how he engaged with the audience by relating to their life experiences

This is perhaps one of the best speeches you will ever see.

  • http://www.cerveny.nl Cerveny

    Still curious what pinterest is gonna do in holland…

  • http://www.procvtemplate.com Anonymous

    Andy, To be succesful at public speaking you have to have all of the skills i.e word emphasis, knowledge, confidence etc. It is difficult to rely just on one aspect. Similar to job interviews, you have to come across as well rounded and tap into your listeners needs and wants.