How to Amplify your Conference Speaking Programme Online

Connected Customer & CompanyHow do you know when you’ve really nailed a speaking opportunity? When you walk off the stage to a round of applause? That feels good, but is it a good enough measure to report back to your boss?

The short answer is no.

It might flatter your ego, but what does it mean in terms of business results?

Speaking opportunities often fall into the PR department’s to do list. As with all things public relations there are some easy and some much harder metrics to evaluate your success.

The easy metrics are straight-forward:

  • number of speaking opportunities delivered
  • size of audience reached
  • volume of messages per target audience and per message
  • feedback on speaker performance from delegates

But what happens when you need to start looking at harder, marketing focussed metrics, such as number of leads generated or cost per lead?

At this stage you need to get a lot smarter about squeezing the most value out of every speaking opportunity. To do this, think about using the tools available online to amplify your speaking opportunity.

Here are nine tactics you could employ before, during and after a conference speaking opportunity to enhance it’s impact beyond PR value:


1.     Join the conversation online using the event hashtag and establish a presence, identifying any prospective customers or key influencers and invite them to meet at the conference.

2.     Promote your speaking at the event to current prospects and or influencers through an email blast, or add to your company newsletter. At the very least add it to your companies event page.

3.     Make your presentation slides available online behind a data capture form before the conference starts.


4.     Promote the event hashtag on your slides (this will make it easier to identify customers and influencers on twitter) and encourage the audience to ask questions via twitter.

5.     Include a bit.ly link to the landing page where your slides are hosted.

6.     Share an update about your presentation on your social channels e.g. twitter, Linkedin, facebook. For example share a photo of the audience to your session.


7.     Promote your presentation slides being available to download on twitter or other online channels where the conference has a presence.

8.     Share additional value added reports and links, using a bit.ly or delicious bundle, or via your company blog.

9.     Record another version of your presentation and make it available as a Webinar on BrightTalk, or behind a data capture form on your website.

Those nine tactics will not only make it easier for you to engage your target audience, but crucially to start capturing leads too. They will also help you to start gathering some solid performance metrics to report to your boss too.

Speaking opportunities are a fantastic PR vehicle. Don’t let the investment in time, money and expertise end the second you walk off the stage. They can also work well for marketers too.