How Did you Find Us?

It’s a simple question: how did you find us?

And so useful too. As a business owner / marketer you have to find out where your sales leads are coming from. It’s the only way you can determine which parts of your marketing plan are working and which are not.

In the digital era attribution is getting easier, particularly if your website is the spearhead of your business development. You can tell which source website visitors come from (e.g. advert, social media, email, web search etc), which search terms they’re using to find your site, what content they’re looking at and, when they fill in your contact form, you can collect their contact details too.

But for those prospective customers who call you, the only way to find this out is to ask: how did you find us?

I’ve made three enquiries today to event catering companies. Two I have not spoken to before and a third who I had previously employed.

None of them asked that simple question. As such they’re missing valuable information to inform their marketing decisions. Should they spend more on their website, are their email campaigns working, is the investment in social media worth it?

Asking that simple question will help with all of those questions.

Rant over.