Fearless Listening

Recently I was sitting with a client (a large comms agency) listening to one of their client service leaders talking about building strong customer relationships and the importance of gaining feedback. The term used was “fearless listening”, the idea that you should not be afraid to ask for feedback in case you think it will be bad. The opposite to burying your head in the sand if you will.

We’ve been encouraging our clients to ask for feedback for as long as we can remember too. In fact we run regular customer satisfaction surveys for one of our longest standing clients. This allows us to track changes in performance, identify trends and highlight any areas where the client needs to raise its game. In the last four years this process alone has helped to improve customer satisfaction significantly.

With this in mind we decided it was high time we conducted some fearless listening ourselves and have begun surveying our customers. It’s been an eye opening experience so far with a huge amount of positives identified, along with one or two areas where we can improve. We have been delighted our Net Promoter Scores that’s for sure.

If you aren’t already asking your customers for feedback, start now. It doesn’t need to be a great big survey, it can be as simple as asking the question ‘are you happy with the service we’re providing?’ The important thing is to start collecting feedback, recording your customers views – both positive and negative – and making sure you take action on any of the areas for improvement. You will be surprised how this can focus your mind on the customer, which after all is what marketing is all about.

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    I agree that asking customers for feedback is really important and listening and taking their advice too.

  • http://www.beindependenthomecare.ie/ Anonymous

    Well I think taking the feedback from clients is one of the most important thing as it makes them feel that we care for them. Second thing taking timely feedback helps to make long term positive relationship with the client

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    Thanks for this info. For me, you don’t need to be coward just face the problem. And the important thing is listen to your client because you can learn from them in order you to become successful.

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    Nice sharing.
    I recently asked a client what were the top 10 questions their call center employees received everyday

  • http://www.marylandcarinsuranceonline.com/truck-insurance JohnC

    For me, in order to have a business or project well done… you really need to be fearless. Be prepared to hear comments and feedback that are not good to the ear but take that positively. Clients are always right, and you can have a better output if you provide an open communication with them.

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      It’s okay. analysis of the situation leads always to the top of the business. Keep it up!

  • http://kenyabankingsolutions.com Joseph

    It is true that listening to clients is the best way to go, many businesses need to embrace what you’re doing.

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    As part of the web planning stage I recently asked a client what were the top 10 questions their call center employees received everyday. As you can imagine I was also surprised they did not know?