Hello ‘Digital Visual Communications’ pleasure to be doing business with you.

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I love new clients who work with tech — especially clients who have the expertise to present technology which not only makes work easier, but also more enjoyable. We’ve all bought useless gadgets over the years – I’m sure I’ve still got a Tamagotchi laying around somewhere – that’s why it’s so inspiring to see technology which works. That’s why Klaxon and I are proud to be working with Digital Visual Communications

Digital Visual Communications provide feature rich, aspirational technology for business which are a joy to use. They’re not your standard projector selling, video conference providing company, priding themselves on knowing how all the component parts of the Audio Visual industry fit together, to give a quality, tailored service, rather than just parts — a complete solution.

If I’m being honest, I’ve already mapped out in my head where I’d place my own interactive whiteboard… I guess for now I’ll have to put up with the traditional version… I can dream though.

Let’s get down to business.

Carys Strong, Business Development Manager at Digital Visual Communications approached Klaxon to provide search engine optimisation services, focusing on generating leads, and helping to convert from an already existing website.

We’ve already put the wheels in motion, with the help of Dan Coulthard to get the site optimised, not just to be adored in the eyes of search engines, but also to make the experience for users quicker and more engaging.

There are three main areas that we are working on with Digital Visual Communications:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — Adapting the current site and the ecosystem of connected platforms to improve rankings for keywords, whilst continuing to improve usability and accessibility of content.

Creating content — Producing new posts, with the goal of not only generating leads, but also informing, and showing the wide range of uses which Digital Visual Communications’ products and solutions provide.

Strategy and Education — In tandem with ongoing work, we will explore new avenues for Digital Visual Communications to broaden their reach online and reach new audiences. This will go hand in hand with education, to allow existing content to reach new users; driving conversation, through comments and social media, to better utilise the knowledge of Digital Visual Communications online.

Let’s talk about conversation.

Initial work with a new client is largely about getting to know each other, finding out about their sector, but also understanding areas which they can develop upon.

In the coming months we’re going to take all the great things that Digital Visual Communications is doing — and multiply them. Take their great product knowledge, and make it available on their website. Take their ability to remove the hassle from a large AV build, and show you through Twitter. Though most importantly, show that they’re a pleasure to work with, and tell as many people as possible.

On that note, let’s introduce you to a few people in the team at Ditgial Visual Communications:

Carys Strong — Business Development Manager

Rhys Gwillym — Sales and Marketing Director

Sarah Baverstock — Education Account & Marketing Manager


Over the coming months, you can expect more helpful content, more interesting conversations and more demonstrations of how a great service starts with temptation over a product, but leads to complete satisfaction with a solution and it’s design.

You can see new posts, and comment on developments in AV technology on the Digital Visual Communications Blog.