Digital Marketing Case Study

One of our clients was recently interviewed by Jon Buscall for his excellent Online Marketing & Communications podcast.

You can hear the whole interview by clicking on the play button below. The client is Robert Wilson from London residential architects practice Granit. We have been working with Robert and his team for over six years in which time we have largely focused on a digital marketing strategy to generate sales leads.

The marketing programme targets both consumer and business audiences and essentially includes:

  • Marketing strategy – defining a marketing strategy that revolves around digital marketing
  • Website development – defining and building a website capable of acting as the primary focal point for all leads
  • Content / Inbound marketing – writing and designing targeted resources and ebooks that appeal to the needs of Granit’s target customers
  • SEO & PPC – using organic and paid for search marketing tactics to generate targeted web traffic and ultimately leads
  • CRM setup – creating a system for managing leads and  enquiries
  • Lead nurturing – making sure those leads that come in but that do not convert immediately are kept warm through a series of email marketing communications

Granit is Klaxon’s longest standing client and we look forward to working with the team there for many more years to come.