Are you Customer Focussed or Self Obsessed?

I’m a big believer that a good marketing organisation is one that puts the customers at the heart of its business. What I mean by this is when decision making is focussed on meeting the customers needs and wants, rather than that of the board or MD. But how to you measure your levels of customer focus?

A great place to start is to look at your outbound communications. How much do you talk about your company and the services you provide, compared to how you understand and can meet the needs of your customers. For example, consider the following two examples:

1. Bean Counter & Co Accountants was established over 20 years ago to provide auditing and tax advice services. Our management team has experience working with small businesses from various industry sectors.


2. Bean Counter & Co Accountants can help you to reduce your tax liability. Our experienced audit team will ensure your small business reduces costs and improves profitability.

Which of these is more focussed on the customers needs? Which do you think is more likely to attract attention?

If you want to find out whether your communications are customer focussed or self obssesed, then you should try the We We Monitor at Grok Dot Com. Here you can analyse your website to find out if you are customer focussed or We We focussed.

Whilst this is not a comprehensive review of your communications, it’s certainly an interesrting start. I must applaud Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now for putting this together.

  • https://www.wisdoms.com.au wisdom Oven

    Nice sharing information. it is very helpful.

  • http://wealthyson.biz Adam B

    Oh boy! Great post a good book that I reccomend is Leader in you from Carnegie and Assoc. this talks all about winning by not being self absorbant. Promoting your stuff online is great but having the right tools are even more important. Knowledge is not the key it is applied knowledge that is the key.

  • http://bwbenefits.com/ Robert Pendleton

    A nice post. It is true that communicating skills, especially business/marketing wording, is quite important in attracting the customers, which can be seen as an advertising technique.

  • http://www.linksoflondonpretty.com/ colin

    Good communication skils is definitley very important

  • http://www.sptplastering.co.uk/ Plasterers bristol

    Good communication skils is definitley very important, and i think it’s important to have very good social skills and be friendly…

  • http://socialsg.com singapore bloggers

    Very true indeed. At this age we don’t look for information, information finds us

  • http://www.ecasketstore.com Casket Store

    Today people don’t surf the web to gather information, they want to BE the information. Look at the popularity of blogs and social networking sites. Interaction is definitely key to building a successful brand online.

  • http://www.firstcentralmortgagefunding.com/ Private Leaders for Mortgages

    “Let’s be real guys…Just cuz your marketing online dosent mean you don’t need people and social skills.”

    Absolutely. I feel that social interaction with clients or at least being willing to talk to them over the phone is important.

  • http://www.stopswithus.com/ Chris @ online STD

    I agree with robbie. Good communication skill and timely communication should be needed for the effective marketing.I am always focus in customer.

  • http://www.cbsolutions.ca/sred/scientific_research_and_experimental_development.php Scientific Research and Experimental Development

    Communication is so important when it comes to marketing. This We We Monitor sounds like an excellent way to make sure that a company’s content is customer friendly. For anyone who is just starting out, it’s imperative that your content be done in order to lure in your target audience and be as unique as possible, but without being overwhelming.

  • http://www.masterappliances.com.au/ Matt

    It’s all about the customer – they are the money holders. No customers, no money, no business – lets get real!

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    Every business should give priority to their customers no matter what type of business you own. Because without customers you cant make money…

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    That’s a nice article… I agree that in good communication skill lies best marketing outcome… But it’s not only with that… your personalities I think is and how you deal the carry yourself in public…

  • http://www.infinitywealthformula.com infinity downline

    Let’s be real guys…Just cuz your marketing online dosent mean you don’t need people and social skills. I agree with the above you must keep an eye on your competition and stay customer focused.

  • http://www.webbest.eu Adam

    I agree, it’s very important. It should be one of main purposes in professional marketing and public relations actions

  • http://fetal-heart-monitor.blogspot.com/ robbie

    Certainly….good communication skill is the basis of an effective marketing efforts. Including in online marketing.

    After that you need also watch you competitors and market demand consistently…most of all…become customer focused.