Critical Success Factors for Email Marketing Part Two

Looking to build and maintain good relationships with your customers and spread the word about your products and services? If the answer is yes, it is time to start the email marketing. This post includes some of the critical success factors for email marketing that you should consider along with our earlier blog here.

Email marketing is typically the tactic that businesses rely on for building their audiences. However for a lot of B2B marketers email marketing can be a difficult one to crack despite it being the preferred channel for both personal and business communication. Undeterred by the recent growth of online marketing platforms, email marketing still rightly holds a strong position as a communications tactic; evidently a large proportion of contemporary businesses depend on it as a method of engagement. Obviously if email marketing is not executed correctly the return rate provided for a business will be profoundly low.

Why? Predominantly due to the vast volume of email sent and received on a daily basis.

Read on to learn how to amplify your own email marketing strategies, which in turn will not only support increases in your engagement levels but also the success as a whole of your email campaigns.

1. Mobile Email Marketing

Email marketing for mobiles has seen substantial growth over the past five years due to the increase in ownership of smart devices; it is now near impossible to avoid sending email campaigns that will be viewed on a mobile device. In fact, recipients are bound to dismiss an email if it is not optimised for mobile use. Thus there must be initial clarity to recipients that emails sent from your business are mobile friendly. Consequently recipients are likely to be more responsive.

2. Personalised Email Marketing

Attempt to treat each recipient as a unique being can bring real results for your business. Create a point of differentiation for your customers by ensuring that you are not boring them with the same format of emails that every other business is. Become more personal in your approach; it will be substantially more powerful and is likely to leave the recipient pondering over the email content.

3. Targeted Email Marketing

Conveying the correct value and content to the correct people should be a paramount focus when emailing content. Nearly every email newsletter service provides a method of tracking and analysing businesses subscribers. From here, you are able to send out targeted emails, which are far more affective in conveying their message. Essentially the more data gathered about recipients the more tailored the content can be.

4. Marketing Automation and Behavioural Targeting

Marketing automation should be a paramount focus when considering email marketing; this particular subset of customer relationship management will help to define, segment and track audience behaviours via multiple online platforms more efficiently than manual processes ever would. Consequently, marketing automation will support the delivery of email marketing content, which targets the specific behaviours of your audience.

The result? Your return rate will increase. It really is that simple – Create more relevant and personalised content for your audience and you will experience increases in your engagement levels.

Finally, adding a short postscript to the end of the email will help to inject a level of awareness among recipients about who you are and what your business has to offer. The postscript is a short but meaningful reminder to recipients.

Adoption of the correct techniques when utilising email as a marketing tool can generate positive retention leads for your business.

To find out more about how to generate fantastic results from email marketing, get in touch; we would be delighted to talk. You can also leave your top tips in the comments section below.

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