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SharingEconomy – The Commercial Reality Throwdown

It was Social Media Week last week and it was a hell of a week. Packed full of fantastic events.

I had the pleasure of speaking, organising, attending and chairing a session and thoroughly enjoyed myself. One event, the Sharing Economy – Commercial Reality Throwdown was streamed live and you can see the full recording below. If you want to learn more about the Sharing Economy, watch this fantastic debate and click on the selected other reading below too.

Background reading:

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Encouraging Engagement at Events

Connected Customer & Company Last week I hosted a panel debate all about the Connected Customer & Company. You can read about it in my blog post here.

My brief as session chair was to make sure the audience got involved in an active Q&A, to help make the session lively. I’m sure you’ve all been to plenty of seminars, conferences and workshops where you get talked at for hours on end and the aim here was to make it a lot more interactive.

I’m delighted to see my efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as panellist Neville Hobson highlighted the pledge I made everyone take at the start of the session. It went something like this:

Everyone please raise your right hand and repeat after me..

I do solemnly swear,
to get involved,
not to sit on my hands,
to ask questions,
and to participate.

It seemed to get the panel off to a flying start and we certainly had plenty of interaction. You can listen to Neville’s recording of the session here too.

What can you do, or better still, what have you done, to make your event more interesting and engaging?

PODCAST: Your Connected Customer & Company

I had the privilege last week of hosting and moderating a panel session for the #TAGTribe community all about the Connected Customer and Company.

The panel featured JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at, Jon Silk, Head of Digital at Waggener Edstrom London, and For Immediate Release co-host Neville Hobson. We had a wide-ranging discussion with Q&A from the audience that addressed the broad topic of “your connected customer and company”.

You can listen to the audio recording which was broadcast as a ‘For Immediate Release: Speaker and Speeches’ podcast by clicking on the play button below:

Play button

You can also enjoy the tweet stream and various photos from the night by browsing the Storify here too:

 Read more

Webinar Update

Have you come across BrightTalk before?

They are a webinar platform where you can find great content on anything from B2B lead generation, to social media and a vast array of other marketing topics. They send me a weekly email promoting recent and upcoming webinars that match my interests around marketing and lead generation. If you haven’t checked out BrightTalk yet I strongly suggest you do.

In fact you could start by registering for one or more of the webinars listed below.


Make the most of unconverted web enquiries through LinkedIn
Webcast: Jul 04 2012 3:30 pm
Channel: B2B Marketing

Establishing Your Demand Funnel: Having a Process from Click to Close
Webcast: Jul 24 2012 7:00 pm
Channel: Media and Marketing

The Future of Webinars and Videos in B2B Marketing
Webcast: Sep 13 2012 11:00 am LIVE VIDEO
Channel: Media and Marketing

Last week

How Email can help you to grow your Community
Webcast: Jun 28 2012 10:00 am
Channel: Media and Marketing

Successful Community Management
Webcast: Jun 28 2012 12:00 pm
Channel: Media and Marketing

Automated lead nurturing: This time it’s personal!
Webcast: Jun 28 2012 3:30 pm
Channel: B2B Marketing

Are Online Communities Profitable?
Webcast: Jun 28 2012 6:00 pm
Channel: Media and Marketing

Building a Multichannel Webinar Strategy

If you are considering using webinars as part of your marketing mix, it is well worth your time to watch this webinar from the BrightTalk Academy. It includes a useful introduction to setting up a webinar strategy based around your audience segmentation strategy, tactics for audience generation, capturing contact data, best practice ideas around your content strategy and more.

Please share your experiences running webinars for lead generation in the comments. We’d be happy to try and answer any questions you have too.

How to Write a Good Synopsis & Attract an Audience

Conference AudienceIt can be an intimidating task to summarise your presentation into that short concise yet compelling paragraph needed for a conference programme. Follow our top tips on how to create a digestible and easy-to-read synopsis that will attract an audience.

First and foremost, make sure it reflects exactly what you want to say. Keep in mind that the conference delegates – to whom you will actually deliver your presentation – are your primary audience!

A conference session synopsis consists of a short, snappy powerful title that succinctly describes your session. Followed by further detail about your talk, to enable potential attendees to evaluate the content of your session. Remember the title and content of the synopsis must match up!

A conference session synopsis can be either a narrative (usually between 40/60 words) or bullet points (writing your main points in bullet form will help you limit what you are saying).

So how do you write a synopsis that is clear, concise and interesting enough to entice people to come to your presentation?

If available take a look at the draft conference programme by obtaining it from the conference organisers. Take note of any key speakers, underlying theme(s) of the conference, and other additional features that may be relevant or perhaps potentially overlap with your session.

When conceiving your presentation, use the following checklist:

  • Am I saying anything new?
  • Is there a challenging and provocative question my work brings up?

There are a few guidelines that you should observe too, such as:

  • Be objective – if you sound like a walking advert for a supplier organisation, delegates will not turn up to hear you and you will create a bad impression.
  • Use examples or case studies (or both) if possible. Delegates like to picture how your advice might apply to them.
  • Use the right language – are there any buzzwords and jargon relevant to the conference topic you can include?
  • Draw on any key points of research, particularly if significance to the intended field
  • If appropriate, provide potential delegates with legal cases

Finally, I know it sounds obvious, but read through the synopsis again before the day of the event and ensure that this is actually what you talk about – it should not only attract people to hear what you have to say in the first place but keep them listening once they are there!

If you have any top tips for how you have created the perfect synopsis, please share them in the comments below.

B2B Marketing: Guide to Online Events

B2B Marketing Guide to Online EventsWe were recently invited to contribute a chapter to B2B Marketing‘s ‘Guide to Online Events’, specifically a section on how to choose the right online event platform to reach your target audience.

The chapter intro reads:

“The growing use of online events in B2B marketing is hardly surprising when you consider some of the key benefits on offer: The cost is lower than physical events, there are more measurable outcomes, the creation of fresh marketing assets, the likelihood of message amplification post- event – the list goes on and on.”

“There’s no doubt that online events offer significant advantages to marketers. But is an online event the right option for reaching your target audience? You will have read all about the objectives for using online events earlier in this guide, but here we’ll be looking at how to align your content and platform choice to the right audiences. For example, should you consider a webinar or an online exhibition if you want to reach a CIO, or would your budget be more wisely spent setting up an offline meeting?”

The other chapters cover topics including the different types of online event formats, setting your objectives, and integrating online events to your overall marketing strategy.

It’s an excellent read for any marketer looking to use online events in their mix. We encourage you to take a look at the full guide available here.

You could also join the discusion in B2B Marketing’s Linkedin Group.

Look out for more articles from Klaxon to come on B2B Marketing.

Thoughts from Making Social Part of Your DNA

You’ve probably seen a lot on the blog here of late about our Social Media Week conference Making Social Part of Your DNA. I’m pleased to say it was a spectacular day all around, with a lively audience, great speakers and crucially lots of talk and debate. It couldn’t have gone any better and I congratulate the crowd sourced team who pulled it together.

If you  are interested in watching any of the presentations you can see the full set here. Otherwise check out a video with highlights of the day below or view some great photos here.

You should also read some pretty strong write ups from Simone Schuurer in the Microsoft Advertising community blog, Girish Balachandran on the B2B Marketing magazine blog and a quick summary from one of our speakers, Neville Hobson.

For me the three sessions that stood out were JP Rangaswami from, Fergus Boyd from Virgin Atlantic and the agency panel session on who owns social. JP painted a picture of the connected consumer who lives in the present and future tense and how this will impact the way in which brands manage the customer relationship. How do you capture data on expressions of interest i.e. the future tense, and use that data to make decisions on how to address your customers needs? Marketing just shifted up a gear right.

Fergus talked about how social must wash it’s face, i.e. its time for social media marketing to grow up and prove it’s worth through solid ROI. After all, business is a commercial enterprise right.

The agency panel debate didn’t really draw any conclusions. The predicted fight between the agencies didn’t happen. Instead a general consensus seemed to appear in which the PR, marketing and Ad agency predicted a blended approach was best for clients and predictably the digital shop – We Are Social – confidently stated this was the only way to go.

The best insight for me from this session was the general move away from agencies providing execution services for their client (incidentally a great quote on this came up during the day from Jeremy Waite of Phones4U “why would I outsource my tone of voice”) to strategy and creative services. Clients are increasingly taking community management and engagement in house which depending on the resources available may be a very smart move.

Overall a very enjoyable and valuable day and we raised approx £3,450 for our chosen charities too.

Making Social Part of your DNA Podcasts

As we run up to the start of social media week I’m pleased to share two podcasts we have created to introduce our keynote conference: Making Social Part of your DNA.

The first is an interview with Su Butcher of Our hosts Bernie & Emily talk to Su about the importance of getting a social strategy in place based on adding value, rather than broadcasting marketing messages. Su describes her interesting work helping architects to market their businesses and also how to market to architects too.

The second podcast is with Ann Hawkins mentor, speaker, creator of Inspired MasterMind Groups and presenter of A-Z of Business Success on The Business Hub. Hear Ann talk about what makes people tick, businesses work and the importance of social media. I love the ‘tweet before you meet’ idea Ann.


Making Social Part of your DNA with Eve Critchley

As we countdown to Social Media Week we’ll be posting interviews with some of our speakers here on the blog.

Here’s a short video with Eve Critchley, Digital Officer at mental health charity Mind, where she introduces the topic of her presentation. It’s going to be fascinating to hear how a brand has been using social engagement for good and not simply for profit – but there will undoubtedly be lessons for us all here.

You can follow conversation around this event on twitter using the hashtag #smwdna. You can also follow Eve on twitter at @EveGwendo.

We hope you will join us at Making Social Part of your DNA. Tickets are available here and all proceeds are being donated to Mind and CRY.