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Landing Page Optimisation

I came across this fantastic slide deck on landing page optimisation and thought I would share with you.

It’s very easy to setup a PPC campaign, or an event registration page for example, without thinking too heavily about the impact on conversion rates of the landing page. The guys behind this slide deck have built a web service where you can build, test and optimise custom landing pages using your own domain name.

Check it out, it’s called unbounce. We will be rolling this out for select clients soon that’s for sure.

Segmentation is the Easy Part

I blogged recently about email marketing, listing some critical factors for successful campaigns. One of those factors was segmentation, which is a word often used by marketers, but frequently not put into practice.

I won’t name and shame, but many times I have heard smart marketers wanting to send a product specific email campaign to ‘all emailable contacts’. The word spam springs to mind.

But of course email is not the only tactic where segmentation is required to drive up marketing effectiveness. In fact this applies to any outbound marketing, whether communication related, or indeed product, price, place… you get the idea. Effective segmentation applies across the marketing piste.

There’s a nice blog from Andrew Dalglish over at Circle Research that introduces this in more detail for B2B segmentation in the SME market. Andrew introduces a four step framework: Narrow, Segment, Profile, Apply, and relates this to Sage, a leading IT brand. You could do a lot worse than taking on board his ideas here.

At the very basic level Andrew suggests narrowing your criteria to focus on one customer segment – SMEs in his example. The clever part is taking that segment and profiling it further by behaviours such as consumption patterns, or motivation and preferences.

Another approach might be to segment your customer base around a particular product and align to where they are in the sales funnel / buying cycle.

For example, prospective clients for an IT system at the ‘awareness’ stage are likely to be more responsive to communications with broad product comparisons, than those at ‘action’ stage – who are more likely to respond to detailed technical specifications.

Of course, you need to be careful not to put the cart before the horse here. I’m assuming you will have identified a market need for your product or service in the first instance i.e. the very first phase in any segmentation exercise.

Effective segmentation should actually be the easy part. Crafting the product, setting the price point, getting the distribution and communications channels aligned to your segment, those surely are the more challenging parts.

eMail Marketing Critical Success Factors

email marketing performance

We received an enquiry for email marketing recently and as part of our proposal pulled together some email marketing critical success factors too. I’ve summarised a few of these below.

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Building Community with Benjamin Ellis

At Klaxon we co-organise a meetup group for meetup organisers. An event for events people if you like. You can find our more about this group here.

At the last get together we were lucky enough to have Benjamin Ellis from redcatco as our guest speaker. Benjamin delivered an excellent talk on building communities around meetup groups, but many of the lessons could equally be applied to brands / businesses. Community of course something which is becoming increasingly fashionable as brands and marketers look at how to move from broadcasting marketing messages, to engaging with people.

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How to Like with Google

Soon you will be able to share things on Google with their new +1 innovation – Google’s equivalent of a ‘Like’. Not only will you be able to +1 search results, but Google are encouraging its use on websites too.

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What’s the Difference Between a Hard and Soft Bounce?

If you’re running email marketing campaigns, you’ll often see in performance reports the terms hard and soft bounce.

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Timing is Everything with Email Marketing

It goes without saying that email is one of the most popular customer communication and marketing channels at the moment. Even with the explosion in social media, email is still without a doubt a very important and impactful channel for b2c and b2b marketers.

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Setting your Strategy for Online Events

If you’re thinking of building online events into your marketing strategy, you might find this webinar from BrightTalk’s academy useful. It relates heavily to BrightTalk, which you would expect, but you can take a lot of the lessons from here to apply to other platforms if you wish.

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How to Improve Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing is one of the subjects that is continually in the marketing spotlight. Done well it can reap huge rewards, done poorly and you can end up being labelled as a spammer. I’ve previously written about 8 top tips for improving your response rates, but when scanning the internet for more interesting hints and tips, I found a great post by an internet marketer called Gobala Krishnan.

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SEO – in house or agency?

To continue with the popular guest post series, I have asked Jo Turnbull of fame to write about search engine optimisation, or SEO. This is a subject I am particularly keen to learn more about as I’ve recently instructed an SEO agency for one of my clients and the results have been less than electric.

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