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100 Bloggers in a Room

As part of Social Media Week London this year we organised a bloggers meetup called ‘How Blogging has Changed my Life’. We had a panel of four great bloggers talking about what they have achieved. Many had achieved a book deal, but all had made lots of new friends and connections, learned a hell of a lot, gained acess to great places and people – one had even met the queen. We’ve been running blogger social events in London for over 4 years now and it’s been a grand journey for us too.

You can enjoy a handful of photos from the evening below. If you are a blogger and would like to know more, visit the London Bloggers Meetup page.

London Bloggers Meetup with The Huffington Post

Last night saw the latest edition of our London Bloggers Meetup taking place in Covent Garden. We had approx 80 bloggers join us for an interesting talk about how the Huffington Post (aka HuffPo) UK got started. Carla Buzasi, Editor in Chief, talked about how she claimed the Editor’s chair and alongside Jody Thompson and Caroline Frost started building an army of bloggers to provide the content. Thanks to Carla, Caroline and Jody for the talk and for fielding questions for over 45 minutes.

Huffington Post London Bloggers Meetup

Picture courtesy of Bernie Mitchell.

Overall an interesting night with some great bloggers in attendance. Look forward to more conversations with the team from Badoo, Dylan Lowe about his new travel magazine venture, Eshan and many others. Nice to hear of another book deal coming for a London Bloggers Meetup member too.

Blogging for Construction Industry Professionals with CIMCIG

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG) conference on digital marketing this week. It was part of a packed day for me, sandwiched between running a half day conference for a large software company and enjoying the b2b social media event Dell organised with Google and FIR.

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Social Media Week London

Social Media Week LondonIt was Social Media Week last week and I won’t be the first to say it was great. At Klaxon we had our fingers in two events: the Meetup Organisers Group party at the start of the week and a speaking session on blogging at the end.

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Why Should Businesses Have a Blog?

I’ve spoken at a few events recently about business blogging. In fact, I’m talking about this exact subject again on Friday as part of Social Media Week London. This time the event is being hosted by the good people at TalkTalk’s Customer Experience Centre.

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Why Your Meetup Group Needs a Blog

I spoke at the London Meetup Organisers Group last night and introduced why I think all Meetup Groups should have a blog. In my humble opinion there is no better way, outside of the events you all run, for a Meetup organiser to demonstrate their interests, passions, credibility and intelligence than by writing a blog.

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SEO – in house or agency?

To continue with the popular guest post series, I have asked Jo Turnbull of fame to write about search engine optimisation, or SEO. This is a subject I am particularly keen to learn more about as I’ve recently instructed an SEO agency for one of my clients and the results have been less than electric.

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Text and Video Will Enrich Your Blog

I’ve been thinking recently about adding video to my blog to mix up the content and to make the blog more engaging. Check out a great example from Darren Rowse over at Problogger. I’m not quite there yet, but doing some early research into how I would go about adding video to this blog.

For some ideas, inspiration, check out this short video from Anil Dash at SixApart (the company behind TypePad, Vox etc). Anil talks about a mixed format of text with video and how this has been used effectivly by Google among others. He has some other great YouTube posts on the same subject, so have a look around after watching this one.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, recommendations or tips on getting started in video blogging, please get in touch.

November’s Monthly Poll Results

In November I asked the question:

Which is the best day of the week to publish blog posts for attracting the most traffic?

Interestingly all of the survey respondents voted for either Monday or Tuesday or both of these days.

I though this was quite interesting although when I compared this to my traffic reports I found a fairly even spread across the week, with slight increases immediately after each post.

If your aim then is to attract the most attention and build traffic you should consider posting on the first two days of the week. definitely do not post over the weekend.

In terms of the best time of the day to post, for me it is normally around 4pm UK time, but then it really depends on who you are targeting.

December’s reader poll is now up in the right hand side bar. Please fell free to participate. The question I’m asking this month (and probably for January also as I’m late starting) is:

Have you ever bought a product with Private Label or Master Resell rights and never used it?

(should I have waited until Monday to post this…)

Join the Conversation

On the occasion someone asks me for some advice on blogging one of my favourite pieces of advice is to contribute to the blogosphere, or “join the conversation”.

This will get you much love and notice in the world of blogging which over time should lead to that all important traffic and, in my opinion, that even more important dialogue. A point well illustrated by Hugh Macleod at Gaping Void with his ‘newbie bitchslap.’

It makes me sad to see any blog where the comments are switched off! Without comments surely it’s just a webpage..?