Building Community with Benjamin Ellis

At Klaxon we co-organise a meetup group for meetup organisers. An event for events people if you like. You can find our more about this group here.

At the last get together we were lucky enough to have Benjamin Ellis from redcatco as our guest speaker. Benjamin delivered an excellent talk on building communities around meetup groups, but many of the lessons could equally be applied to brands / businesses. Community of course something which is becoming increasingly fashionable as brands and marketers look at how to move from broadcasting marketing messages, to engaging with people.

Fortunately Benjamin’s session was recorded for us and you can see pretty much the whole talk below. Some of his pearls of wisdom I particularly like include:

“Communities are things people pass through, rather than go to.”
“Communities are a time and a place.”
“Define the scaffolding of the community to create order, rules and structure.”

Enjoy the video and let me know in the comments if you have any questions. It would be great to hear your experiences of building communities around your businesses or brands.

The @benjaminellis talk on Community at London Meet Up Organisers from Berniejmitchell on Vimeo.

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