Interview: Mark W Schaefer on Blogging

LBM AudibleAt Klaxon we started blogging back in 2006, just before blogging became a fashionable marketing and communications platform. Not long after that we started running a little known community of bloggers called the London Bloggers Meetup (affectionately known as LBM).

We have since built this into a community of over 1,800 bloggers.  We host regular social events for bloggers, help our clients to engage with the blogging community and more recently we’ve started a podcast called LBM Audible.

The latest episode of the podcast is an interview with marketer, blogger, social media professional and all round nice guy Mark W Schaefer. It was a real pleasure to chat with Mark and it’s clear he knows his onions when it comes to blogging.

You can listen to the full interview here [link removed as the podcast is no longer available]. If you’d like to know more about the london Bloggers Meetup simply follow the links below to find out more about:

Let us know if you learn anything useful and interesting from our interview with Mark in the comments below.