To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail

Klaxon is a very different kind of B2B marketing agency: it blends content marketing & media relations, conference & event production and design & digital capabilities in a uniquely customer-centric, outcome-driven manner. For too long, agencies have created the world in their own reflection: re-configuring pre-existing and finite resources in an attempt to match their capabilities to the real needs of their clients; and dooming those efforts to sub-optimal results.

Klaxon doesn’t work that way. It never has.

Klaxon is at the heart of a network of skilled and experienced marketers. We operate on the Co-operative Agency model, collaborating closely with these trusted business partners on an as-needed basis; creating lean, dynamic teams based around individual needs and delivering more agile and customised client services.

Once the team is assembled, our Success Pathway draws a straight line from our clients’ challenges to the results they expect. There’s nothing revolutionary about this, but it keeps us honest – ensuring that objectives, strategy and implementation are all aligned towards the creation of campaigns that deliver measurable business outcomes.

Klaxon offers all the experience and capabilities you’d expect from traditional agencies but with the unique ability to scale up, down or across according to client requirements. Klaxon serves as the hub of the extended network, providing centralised account management with a single point of contact, accountability and billing.

Klaxon precisely aligns talent with opportunity, putting the client and the success of the campaigns we create together at the centre of the way we operate.

We believe that – someday – all agencies will be made this way.

To find out more about Klaxon why not read about our team or the guiding principles we use in our business each and every day.