Our Guiding Principles are the foundations of who we are as an agency.

They started out as a way to articulate how we wanted to work and now form the basis of what we look for in our team members. They are also evident in the types of clients we look for and work best with. They are at the root of the Klaxon way of doing things.

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1. Integrity & Fairness: The success of our agency revolves around building successful long-term client relationships. We firmly believe that acting with integrity and fairness is essential to creating long lasting, sustainable relationships. That’s good for our business, good for our team and ultimately good for our clients too.

2. Customer Centricity: Building successful relationships with our clients means we have to know your business inside and out. We will always want to spend time listening to you, getting to know you and your business and creating marketing solutions that deliver a return. If we don’t believe we can help you, we’ll tell you as much. We want our clients to trust us wholeheartedly.

3. Collaboration: Our business model is built on collaboration. We are the hub of a network of skilled and experienced marketers that each bring a unique skill set and talent to the table. You can read more about this in our Manifesto. In our opinion being able to effectively collaborate with smart people and partners is the best way to deliver creative and effective marketing solutions. This approach also allows us the agility to scale up, down or sideways to meet our clients’ needs. You will rarely find a more flexible marketing agency.

4. Evidence Based: It is increasingly important for marketers to prove their value. We are no longer the spending department. This means we need to see the results of our actions which requires three things: effective upfront research and planning, seamless execution and fearless reporting. Our success pathway helps us to structure our approach to client accounts and campaigns and we use this as a framework to deliver evidence based marketing.