A Marketer’s Guide to Using Meerkat

Is Meerkat the next big thing in social media?

The Meerkat Lowdown

Meerkat is an app that allows users to live stream video from their mobile phones. It was officially launched at the end of February 2015 and to date, the app has seen an explosion of sign-ups, with more than 300,000 active users currently on the service (including some pretty cool celebrities.. Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon).

The idea behind the Meerkat app is pretty simple; it allows users to stream live video from a mobile device directly to Twitter, in turn allowing other users to subscribe to and attend these live streams. And that’s not it.. It doesn’t just broadcast video content, it also lets you have real-time interaction with other users who are watching the stream.

So does Meerkat stand a chance at being the next big thing?

We all know that live streaming certainly isn’t new. One of the earliest live streaming platforms, Justin.tv, launched in 2007. It’s shutters were closed in 2014 so that its founders could devote resources to Twitch, a live streaming service specifically for video games, which Amazon subsequently acquired for close to a billion dollars.

Another comparable live streaming service – Ustream, also launched in 2007, used to stream more than 2 million live events each month. However Ustream predominantly sells its service to businesses, and so is not directly targeting the consumer market like Meerkat.

More recent live streaming services – Vine, launched in 2013 and Snapchat launched in 2011, may need to take a back seat, step aside and make way for the new app in town – Meerkat.


How to Add Meerkat Into Your Marketing Mix

The live streaming video app has seen a colossal rise in popularity – but using it properly to reap the benefits is a challenge. We highlight a few suggestions of how marketer’s could implement Meerkat into the marketing mix:

1. Demonstrations

What better way to demonstrate how your product or service can be used by consumers, than by using video. Many brands could benefit from real-time video demonstrations, for example software companies could show prospective customer examples of  how their software apps are being used.

2. Events

When you’re hosting an event, the likelihood of your entire audience attending is unlikely. But should that mean they miss out? No. So why not live-stream talks and presentations; involve the Twitter community using the appropriate #.

3. Promotions and deals

We all love a good discount deal. So offer consumers exclusive promotional codes which they can only access by tuning into your Meerkat video. This means your build a large following from the initial word go.

4. Interviews

Can you think of a better way to demonstrate brand transparency and industry expertise than by using interviews? (Whilst you ponder, let’s continue this discussion..)

Who likes to think they are talking to a robot on Twitter or Facebook? Not me. Well it can be highly beneficial for brands to demonstrate their human side.

5. Tips and guides

Most websites have an FAQ page. Meerkat can be used to answer a variety of FAQs but in a more customised and human like manner. Who wants to read a lengthy piece of text, detailing how to use something? It’s far easier when someone shows you.

6. Storytelling

Storytelling is a huge part of content marketing at the moment. We all like to understand the history behind a brand and how it got to where it is today. By using live-stream video, the authenticity of a brand can really shine through.

Why not introduce the audience to your headquarters and employees. This is great for demonstrating brand transparency. Meerkat really let’s the audience in.

The Future for Video and Meerkat

Video is a huge part of digital marketing, and whilst it’s still early days for Meerkat, the app could grow into a social media powerhouse. If used correctly, Meerkat could generate a larger volume of engagement than any other social media channels currently being used.

As marketer’s we should be thinking outside the box. Increasingly more than ever, content is being shared in real-time and so getting videos right the first time means creating a strong and rewarding connection with our audiences.

To find out more about using Meerkat in your business please contact us here. You can also leave a question in the comments below.