Yiannis Pelekanos Joins as Marketing Technologist

Hi everyone,

For regular readers you might have noticed a few posts of mine in the last few months – trust me, there are plenty more to come – because, as of last week, I’m a full member of the Klaxon team – the new Marketing Technologist. Making your marketing more trackable, accountable, improving online reach. From now on you’ll be getting a post from me every week (likely going up on a Friday), but more importantly, you’ll see an expansion to the service we’re providing here at Klaxon.Yiannis Pelekanos By strengthening our digital marketing services, through more detailed tracking and analytics, combined with rock-solid development, advertising and search engine marketing, we’ll also be able to provide a richer offline offering.

One of the biggest draws for me about digital marketing is its highly data driven nature. Almost anything can be tracked, and with that information, it’s becomes clear which services are boosting key metrics, and which areas need to re-prioritised. Ever-increasingly, it’s also possible to take this approach with offline marketing, tracking interactions, conversations and engagement in ways which were previously impossible. I hope to marry the highly data-focused elements of digital marketing, with the conversational and relationship aspects of offline marketing, to produce better results, going forwards.

With that in mind, you can read one of my earlier posts “The Three C’s of SEO“, I hope to write many posts like this one in the future, breaking down the work we’ll be doing digitally into easy-to-digest posts which allow better conversations to happen around marketing. I couldn’t be more excited to start working with the great team here at Klaxon, with their highly developed networks, I feel as though many opportunities have been opened to better address business marketing needs.

If you have any questions, want to suggest a post, or are interested in how Klaxon can support your business, you can contact me at yiannispelekanos@klaxonmarketing.co.uk , @yiannipelekanos on twitter , or in the comments below.

  • AnnHawkins

    That’s great news Yiannis.
    I really enjoyed “The Three C’s of SEO“ so I’m looking forward to your regular posts. Its rare to find someone who can write so well about technical topics so I’m sure your talents are going to be in great demand and will give Klaxon clients an extra edge!

  • Andy Bargery

    Welcome to the team Yiannis. I have no doubt your skills strengthen our digital marketing capabilities and I’m looking forward to working more closely with you.