This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

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1. The Missing Link in Marketing Technology

Modern marketers have no shortage of marketing software technologies from which to choose. But when you think about it there’s really no decent marketing technology for marketing management.

While sales, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and customer support all have identifiable systems of record; most marketing departments are still managed by spreadsheets and generic project management tools. As a result, marketing is messy, misunderstood and always reinventing the wheel.

2. Why IT and Marketing Must Unite to Drive Business Growth

In this digital world, it’s unsurprising to hear that, according to managed services provider Avanade, 37% of technology spending is now controlled by departments other than IT, with a majority share going towards marketing.

It is clear that the relationship between IT and marketing has changed in recent years, and as a result the role of IT and marketing leaders is changing rapidly.

3. Digital Marketing Needs to Look Sideways, Not Forwards

Richard Shotton, Head of Insight at ZenithOptimedia, believes that digital marketing is too obsessed with predicting how the latest tech development will change consumer behaviour. Instead we should look sideways.

The history of technology predictions is littered with failures. We simply can’t predict new technology with accuracy, it involves too complex an interplay of factors.

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