This Week’s Most Popular News Stories

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1. 8 Ways To Boost Your Internal Culture of Content Marketing

One of the biggest success factors for content marketing doesn’t have a thing to do with the actual content you publish. Instead, it involves your people, processes and priorities. Your culture.

Your culture will facilitate successful and consistent content production, bringing your strategy to life. But how can you become a beacon of content culture and drive serious results?

2. How to Reach Today’s B2B Buyer: A hybrid sales and marketing model

Today’s buyer wields more power than ever before. They enjoy access to more information and are better informed about your company and products. They are also more knowledgeable than ever before because they spend more time doing self-guided research.

It’s astonishing to think that over half of buying decisions are made prior to a sales team being involved. However, that doesn’t mean sales can step back and let marketing take the reigns. In order to win the hearts of buyers, sales and marketing must work hand in hand.

3. The New Rules of Search Engines: using data to predict real-world actions

Traditionally search engines were built on a paradigm that looks at the web as a topical world, where pages are connected by hyperlinks and anchor tags. This was the world of 10 blue links, a search engine built on a web of documents.

We are now engaging with the internet at an exponential scale. Search technology has had to mature, understanding where to point people from just a handful of words rather than perfectly written sentences. An evolution dictated by necessity.

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