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1. 3 Ways Marketers Can Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you find yourself frequently worrying about your competition, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted in 2014 by B2B International, 45% of decision-makers and influencers (among 226 companies in the U.S. and Europe) cited “countering the competition” as one of their top business challenges.

But the question which remain unanswered is: ‘what can marketing teams do to compete effectively?’

Take a look at three suggestions.

2. Even in Today’s Digital World, Direct Mail is Still Important When Engaging Customers

We’ve always known that Canada produces delicious food – maple syrup, as well as hilarious comedians – John Candy and Mike Myers. Now, our friends to the north have made another key contribution, this time to the world of modern marketing.

A new study commissioned by Canada Post explored how direct mail factors into the lives of today’s consumers and its influence on the purchase journey. Their findings were summarised in a whitepaper titled “Breaking through the Noise”. In a world flooded with stimuli competing for the typical consumer’s 8-second attention span, find out their key findings.

3. How Does Apple’s Latest Iteration of its Mobile Operating System Affect Marketers?

There are thousands of mobile applications that go unused on millions of phone screens across the world. The biggest hurdle being the fact that most people don’t use mobile apps unless one of three use cases is present: rote activities, complex activities or entertainment.

Lastly, the biggest knock against any mobile apps has been the absence of search ability. But then along came iOS 9, Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system that has acknowledged the fact that ignoring search is a major shortcoming.

To learn more about the impact of iOS 9, and how Apple’s retooling of its mobile operating system impacts both a search and user experience, and how those changes benefit marketers read on!

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