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Understanding the scope, features and processes needed by marketing automation

Marketing Automation is a key focus in 2015 for many marketers.

To help understand the scope of Marketing Automation, Redeye International’s infographic demonstrates how it can support company’s lead and conversion activities. It also highlights the advantages of Marketing Automation, key features and tools and how to succeed with your strategy.

Customer engagement: How the three marketing superpowers have converged to drive results

Today, consumers are making companies work harder than ever to keep their business. With access to the borderless world of commerce at their fingertips, empowered customers are no longer willing to accept an unsatisfactory service or below-par product. There are no second chances: they simply move their custom elsewhere, happily flitting from one business to another.

When it comes to keeping customers, developing the relationship, understanding lifetime value and driving customer engagement, becomes a huge challenge for marketers.

Marketers need to do more to deliver holistic customer journey approach

Marketers need to better integrate their marketing technology if they wish to better deliver on a holistic customer journey approach to their marketing, according to a new whitepaper from Yieldr.

The approach is needed if they are to be successful since consumers are making more informed decisions and consulting more sources through more channels than ever. And yet some companies fail to do enough.

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